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Project Status
The latest stable version of GeSHi is, released on the 19th of Aug, 2012.

Supported Languages:
*Apache Log
*APT sources.list
*ASM (m68k)
*ASM (pic16)
*ASM (x86)
*ASM (z80)
*Backus-Naur form
*C for Macs
*C++ (with QT)
*Diff File Format
*DOT language
*FourJ's Genero
*INI (Config Files)
*Java 5
*KLone C & C++
*Objective C
*OpenOffice BASIC
*Oracle 8 & 11 SQL
*Pixel Bender
*Progress (OpenEdge ABL)
*Ruby on Rails
*Uno IDL
*VIM Script
*Visual BASIC
*Visual Fox Pro
*Visual Prolog
*Windows Registry Files

GeSHi is the current stable release, with eighteen new languages and bug fixes over the last release.

GeSHi 1.1.2alpha5 is the current latest version from the development branch, with full C support (see the GeSHi development website).
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GeSHi News

Here's where you can find out all the latest news about GeSHi - new releases, bug fixes and general errata.

GeSHi version 1.0.3 Released
New to version 1.0.3 of GeSHi is the ability to have multiple object splitters, support for different character sets as seen in Asian/Cryllic languages, support for targets for links and a few bugfixes. You can grab this new release from sourceforge.

In addition, I now have a full time job over the summer, so development will be slower than normal for a while (don't forget I am a New Zealander, with opposite summertime to what you may be used to!). However, after February next year development will resume normal pace and if all goes well, soon after that I will release a tester of the 1.1 series
The GeSHi project surpasses 1000 downloads
The GeSHi project has officially surpassed 1,000 downloads at Although GeSHi is available elsewhere, is the official counter. Thanks to all downloaders, and especially to plugin-developers around the world :)
GeSHi version 1.0.2 Released
GeSHi version 1.0.2 has been released. The new release incorporates all of the changes that were available in the BETA version, and complete documentation, as well as numerous bug fixes.

Make sure you read the documentation fully! There are several new features available, and also a major change in the way you should specify styles for the outputted code.

Enjoy this new release!

On a side note, I'm still looking for language files, so keep sending them in to be included in 1.0.3 or 1.2.0.
Version 1.0.2 progressing
The next version of GeSHi (1.0.2) has largely been completed now, with only testing and documentation to be completed before it is released. If you'd like to play with the new version before it is released, check out the CVS Repositry for it (in the 1.0.2 directory, I'm no great shakes with CVS).

Also, Firewiki and php-fusion seem to be using GeSHi as well: Good stuff! :)
GeSHi rated second at phpclasses
GeSHi has been awarded second place at the phpclasses Innovation Award for July! This is a major achievement for a project so young, and has scored me the PHP Anthology series of books, to give me more ideas for how to improve GeSHi :).

GeSHi 1.0.2 is nearly ready. New features will include:

  • Line numbering using ordered lists, for perfection (apologies to Amit Gupta - I said it was impossible without even trying it!)
  • Many new languages, including asp, delphi, javascript, perl, python and more!
  • Function URLs (eg. wherever "echo" is specified in PHP source will be made into a link to the appropriate documentation)
  • Some lines can be specified to be highlighted "extra"

There'll be more features as well as better documentation, and a "roadmap" for future development of GeSHi. Look out for it soon!
New forum set up
This site now has its own forum for you to post comments/complaints/queries about GeSHi. You could discuss how to make a language file (or post your language file for others to use), how to gain a certain effect with the output of GeSHi or just chat with other users of GeSHi. Check it out!
DocuWiki uses GeSHi
DocuWiki, a simple to use but powerful WIKI system, is now using GeSHi to highlight code snippets posted in it. Check out another cool use for GeSHi!

In addition, this site now has an FAQ section for you to find answers to common questions in, and an examples page for you to see various demoes of GeSHi in action.
Syntax Highlighter plugin BETA'd with phpBB
The phpBB plugin of GeSHi has just been released as a BETA. Using [syntax="language"] tags, syntax-highlighted code can now be posted. Expect to see this MOD go final within a few weeks.

More information is available at the official dev thread at phpBB
Wordpress hack of GeSHi released
Amit Gupta has released a syntax highlighter plugin for WordPress called iG: Syntax Hiliter. Those of you using WordPress can now simply install this plugin to use GeSHi's highlighting power at your own site :)

Also, I see that are using GeSHi for highilghting in their online manual. Awesome stuff!
Version 1.0.1 of GeSHi Released
The new release of GeSHi - 1.0.1 - has just been released. Version 1.0.1 fixes a few minor bugs - a XHTML compliance quoting bug, a path bug for the language files and some small bugs in the outputted stylesheets. Also new functionality has been added - you can now specify whether you want keywords to be auto-caps'd/no-caps'd on the fly rather than have that choice made for you, and the documentation has been updated and new parts added. Get the new GeSHi from the downloads section.