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Project Status
The latest stable version of GeSHi is, released on the 19th of Aug, 2012.

Supported Languages:
*Apache Log
*APT sources.list
*ASM (m68k)
*ASM (pic16)
*ASM (x86)
*ASM (z80)
*Backus-Naur form
*C for Macs
*C++ (with QT)
*Diff File Format
*DOT language
*FourJ's Genero
*INI (Config Files)
*Java 5
*KLone C & C++
*Objective C
*OpenOffice BASIC
*Oracle 8 & 11 SQL
*Pixel Bender
*Progress (OpenEdge ABL)
*Ruby on Rails
*Uno IDL
*VIM Script
*Visual BASIC
*Visual Fox Pro
*Visual Prolog
*Windows Registry Files

GeSHi is the current stable release, with eighteen new languages and bug fixes over the last release.

GeSHi 1.1.2alpha5 is the current latest version from the development branch, with full C support (see the GeSHi development website).
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GeSHi News

Here's where you can find out all the latest news about GeSHi - new releases, bug fixes and general errata.

New Languages Added
Three new languages have been added today: C, Java and SQL. Each language is supported in a limited way, and support will get better in the next while. Also, there is new handling of comments to allow specific styles to be assigned to single line comments, and capitalisation now works fully, and correct casing of keywords (for example, Java's JOptionPane) can now be forced.
Object highlighting supported, and new sublanguage available
GeSHi will now highlight methods and fields of objects. If a method or field has the same name as a inbuilt function, it will be highlighted as a method instead of the standard highlighting.

Also, a new, brief version of PHP highlighting is available. Much of the time that GeSHi spends highlighting is spent going through each inbuilt function, checking that it is in the string to be highlighted. This new version strips out some of the hardly used functions - like is_callable(), and entire groups of functions, like the class functions, to speed highlighting.
GeSHi supports line numbering
All highlighted files will now have line numbering. This feature is compulsory at the moment, but expect it to become optional in the near future. Also, support for PHP is now complete in terms of pre-defined function highlighting.
GeSHi is born
The GeSHi project is officially underway today, with an online demo available for testing. Currently supported languages are PHP and QuickBASIC, and many more languages are expected soon, as the engine improves. GeSHi isn't available for download at the moment, but expect a download to be available soon.