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Project Status
The latest stable version of GeSHi is, released on the 19th of Aug, 2012.

Supported Languages:
*Apache Log
*APT sources.list
*ASM (m68k)
*ASM (pic16)
*ASM (x86)
*ASM (z80)
*Backus-Naur form
*C for Macs
*C++ (with QT)
*Diff File Format
*DOT language
*FourJ's Genero
*INI (Config Files)
*Java 5
*KLone C & C++
*Objective C
*OpenOffice BASIC
*Oracle 8 & 11 SQL
*Pixel Bender
*Progress (OpenEdge ABL)
*Ruby on Rails
*Uno IDL
*VIM Script
*Visual BASIC
*Visual Fox Pro
*Visual Prolog
*Windows Registry Files

GeSHi is the current stable release, with eighteen new languages and bug fixes over the last release.

GeSHi 1.1.2alpha5 is the current latest version from the development branch, with full C support (see the GeSHi development website).
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11:29 pm GMT

GeSHi News

Here's where you can find out all the latest news about GeSHi - new releases, bug fixes and general errata.

GeSHi celebrates 2000 revisions!
I'm proud to announce that the 2000th revision of GeSHi has just been committed to the SVN.

This, at the same time, is also the first Release Candidates for the upcoming release of GeSHi to enable all of you out there to check the new features involved in this new release. As mentioned in my blog there will not be much news with the parser as there has been with the previous releases, but again a bunch of new language files and loads of corrections to existing ones have been incoorperated.

But well, one news there is. Previous releases of GeSHi had problems with languages containing keywords like "CREATE TABLE" like SQL has, or the famous "O RLY?" keyword from LOLcode. Old versions matched spaces in there literally thus your code had to exactly replicate these keywords. Starting with rev 1999 - the last change included with this release candidate - there is a PARSER_CONTROL to make GeSHi handle those kinds of keywords more liberal.

More details on the changes in this RC can as always be taken from the CHANGELOG; downloads as usual for Release Candidates from the RELEASE_1_0_X_STABLE branch in the SVN.

I want to thank all the people out there for their great efforts and helpful hand in making GeSHi what it has become: A great highlighter!

On to the next 2000 revisions!